Ottawa Prayer Times

Prayer time in Ottawa, canada

You can access instant prayer times information on the Ottawa Prayer Times page. You can as well view the monthly prayer times table on our website. 

May Allah accept your prayer 🙂

Day Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha

When is the prayer time in Ottawa?

On the Muslim-Salah, you can find answers to questions about prayer times such as „when is the morning call to prayer (Fajr), when is the noon prayer “Dhuhr”, when is the afternoon (asr) prayer or the evening (Maghrib) prayer, when is the night “isha” prayer.

Ottawa salah time 2021

We offer you an islamic prayer time table for each month of the year, so you will have an overview on what time exactly you can pray at home, or in a mosque. 

On our website we answer your following questions:

  • What is the “Fajr” prayer time?
  • What is the “Dhuhr” prayer time?
  • What is the “Asr” prayer time in Ottawa ?
  • What is the “Maghrib” prayer time?
  • What is the “Isha” prayer time?

You can find all the answers on our time table.

List of mosques (Masjids) in Ottawa

Here you can find a list of mosques (Masjids) in Ottawa:

  • Abo Ther Alghafari Mosque
  • Ottawa Muslim Association
  • Assalam Mosque Corporation
  • Masjid ar-Rahmah (Mosque of Mercy)
  • Islamic Society of Sandy Hill
  • Premier Street Mosque
  • Assunnah Muslims Association
  • Imam Ali Masjid
  • Muslim Non-Profit Housing Corporation
  • East Ottawa Masjid and Community Center